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Why you should choose us

We are a customer-focused organisation, committed to developing long-term relationships with our customers. We invest time and effort in getting to know our customers well in terms of their businesses, corporate style, the markets they serve now and their target markets for the future and we take rigorous analysis of the issues our customers face. This then sets the foundation for the advice and or solutions we provide to our valued customers. Our secret is listening to our customers, as this is key in the provision of the best innovative solutions. We do business guided by one principle; which is to create and deliver customer value through exceptional customer service and we have distinguished ourselves by providing innovative, flexible and cost effective solutions to our customers. Simply put, we are the hub for innovation, customer service, quality and value, which is why you should afford us the opportunity to serve your needs.

Distinct Competencies

Customer Service

Destiny Electronics is a customer-focused company with a workforce that is committed to serving the customers better by the day.

Technical Expertise

Our technical team is well trained and motivated, which makes us more responsive to faults than our competition.

Marketing Skills

We are always in tune with the market trends, which makes us serve our customers better than competition.


We have rewarding relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Trade References

We have successfully conducted business and are in mutually rewarding relationships with the following customers among many: